Sage Craft Botanicals
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Jessica Beauvoir is the owner & herbalist behind Sage Craft Botanicals. She is a self-taught herb crafter with a holistic approach to product creation. Using both analytical and intuitive design methods, she draws inspiration from practical needs, plant-based living, witchcraft, and of course, the herbs themselves.

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FoxTrot is the one-woman operation of a self-taught silversmith hailing from the Atlantic, transplanted to the heart of Texas. KRISTi's pieces can function both as symbols to tell a story and as wearable totems of protection by harnessing the conductivity of the metal to transfer the healing properties of stone and animal.


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HAUNTWELL is an independent apparel and accessories brand created by designer and sigilcrafter Jenny Gacy. The sigils are crafted to be meaningful to the wearer as well as visually intriguing to the passer-by, combining a clean design aesthetic and modern approach with traditional sigilcraft. They can be used to imbue a sense of intention and self-empowerment into everyday routines.

Earthy Ashley
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Earthy Ashley is a ceramics and jewelry artist. Ashley brings the magic of the natural world into her pottery forms by integrating organic materials and fluid shapes into her creations. She crafts jewelry with special attention to crystal energetics, and the synergy between metal, stone, and wearer.

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Kristen Van Patten creates fine porcelain ceramics hand-made in his studio using a muted palette for clay bodies and glazes that allow for the structures of the vessels to be accentuated. His designs have a streamline and architectural aesthetic that hint at modernist and industrial influences.

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Michelle Schwartz works in watercolors, oils, and ink and views her work primarily as a means of connection with other people. The world offers a constant stream of distraction and diversion that tends to drown out our shared experiences. Each piece attempts to relate a moment or emotion that will engage the viewer in an empathetic fashion and remind them that it is alright to feel uncomfortable in one’s own skin because none of us are truly alone in that discomfort.

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Heathen Moon is a Norse inspired gift shop with a focus on wearable essential oil blends and accessories. The essential oil blends created are based on single runes and the 12 Halls of Hasgard, each one is made to draw the rune's positive aspects to you. The 12 Halls of Hasgard, each headed by their respective Gods, are represented by three runes, themselves corresponding to a specific period of the calendar. Depending on your date of birth, we can determine which divine house you belong to.

Crystalline Moon
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Crystalline Moon brings life to death. Creating unique one of a kind art pieces made with bones collected from nature. All of the bones used are found and cleaned by the curator Morgan and her partner Tommy. They incorporate stones, plants, flowers and herbs to bring something special to each piece.

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Gojema is a small, family-owned company based in Austin, TX - born out of a desire to create candles that are completely natural, free of chemicals, and smell amazing. Every one of their candles are poured by hand in small batches, using raw beeswax and essential oils.

Mister mayhem

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Mister Mayhem makes laser etched and screen printed creations born from hand-drawn illustrations. His imagery tends to include animal skulls and bones, sacred geometry, and alchemy symbols. He is always enthusiastic about custom commissions and new ideas.

Natural magick Shop
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Cedar Stevens is a botanically inclined Faery witch and High Priestess of the Natural Magick tradition. Owner and head Potioneer of Natural Magick Shop, she creates magick potions and tools in the traditional ways for the modern practitioner. By Root, Stem, Leaf, Bud and Bloom, Cedar is committed to bringing the ReGreening Times to our Earth.

Cedar Creek Creations

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Cedar Creek Handmade Creations is the result of Alicia Armendariz & Carlos DeLeon coming together and joining their cultures, trades, and spiritual beliefs. Everything they make has roots based on this principle. They draw their creativity and develop products from familial & ancestral experiences and passed down knowledge. Cedar Creek offers a wide variety of magical, elemental, and spiritual items.

Earthen Lights
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Earthen Lights is owned by Holly Cooper - a practicing green witch and candle maker since the 1980's. She creates candles with natural waxes including soy wax, beeswax and bayberry wax. Her candles are scented with pure aromatherapy grade essential oils, and high quality fragrance oils. Suitable for meditation, aromatherapy, ritual, or home decor, she works with the seasons and moon phases to energize and attune her candles.

Melissa Hargus Jewelry

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Melissa creates wearable art inspired by juxtapositions in the natural world. These intentional wears are heirloom quality and sustainably crafted by hand in small batches. She believes in jewelry as a tool for expression and that jewelry gracefully elevates the soul.

Spiral Roots Wildcrafts
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Spiral Roots Farmyard and Wildcrafts is inspired by Ashley Stephens and her little family's love of the natural world and the joy found in creating. She uses natural materials to craft quality handmade goods that foster a connection to the earth and offer gentle healing. She enjoys working with everything from beeswax and wood, to wild herbs and found bits of nature. ~ Earth Care ~ People Care~ is the guiding ethic of Spiral Roots Farmyard and Wildcrafts.

Botany & Apothecary
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Botany and Apothecary was created in Austin, TX by two sisters, Ariel and Emily. Their all-natural and small batch personal care products are made with only the finest ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers, and CBD extracted from industrial hemp grown in the USA. They provide service to Central Texas as well as shipping across the country.

Zen Soap
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Chris Cabiya is the owner and creator of Zen Soap - an Austin, TX based soap company that manufactures handcrafted bar soap and body care products using only plant based ingredients.

Corazon Verde Apothecary
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Leighla Molina is the creator of Corazón Verde Apothecary, a small herbal business whose main focus is maintaining a healthy connection to the earth while enjoying the gifts she offers. They make small batches to ensure quality, always using organic, native & ethically sourced plant materials! Each product is unique to its own being and is made with love and intention. Corazón Verde translates the earth through medicine!

Daisy Metalworks
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Daisy Metalworks is a collection of pieces that combine the sacredness of the natural earth and the sleekness of modern design. Every piece is handcrafted by Mijhal Daisy Poler in her home studio. As an avid adventurer, Daisy's travels have fueled her inspiration to explore raw textures, patinas, and embrace imperfections. Her jewelry is meant to inspire a curiosity towards the universe in the wearer and encourage their truest self to emerge.